Discovery Flights

Are you interested in learning to fly? Take your first flight – also known as a demo or Discovery flight – and you officially start your journey to becoming a pilot! Your Discovery flight takes you and a certified flight instructor on a 60 minute-long flight to familiarize you with the airplane, the airport and the general awe of taking the controls of an aircraft for the first time!

After your discovery flight, your instructor can answer any questions you have about the flight training process and how Raider Aviation Flight School can help you earn your pilot certificate. Should you choose to begin flight instruction, your flight time from the Discovery flight can be counted toward the FAA requirements for your certificate!

60 minute Discovery Flight
Enjoy a 60-minute local flight lesson in a Cessna 172  or Cherokee 140/180 aircraft. You will sit in the pilot’s seat as your instructor teaches you to control the aircraft in climbs, turns and descents while you enjoy the unique thrill of piloting an airplane.  The cost of the discovery flight is $200.