Morgan with Raider Aviation is a phenomenal, passionate and personable instructor; providing me all the resources to succeed. He is willing to go the extra mile in making sure that everything is crystal clear and that you are well prepared while also establishing good habits as you progress throughout your training. In addition, he has made training enjoyable for me. I am thankful and fortunate to train at Raider Aviation.
Chad G.
Sonny and Morgan are two of the nicest guys and best flight instructors you will find. Raider Aviation has offered me a great learning environment and awesome aircraft at a wonderful airport. I would recommend anyone who has a dream to fly to check out Raider Aviation!
I was having trouble with a maneuver to finish up my commercial training. I had flown with several different instructors trying to get my power off 180 landings up to par with no real luck. Then I flew with Morgan, and almost immediately, with his instruction got the maneuver down. Now, Morgan has been working with me on my Multi-engine rating and it has been going very well. He is a great instructor.
Brady S.
Raider Aviation has far exceeded my expectations in a flight training school. The vast experience and knowledge held by the instructors along with the professional approach to training leaves me no doubt I made the right choice. Their quality equipment and maintenance equates to less downtime and allows more opportunity to fly. A big Thanks to Raider Aviation!
Jason K.
I have loved aviation my entire life, but always had an excuse to not take the first step to learn to fly. I recently joined Raider Aviation as a student pilot, and they have the absolute best flight training program on the High Plains! The instructors have the heart of a teacher, and strive to instill safe, solid fundamentals as a pilot. One of their best attributes is their location. The Slaton airport is small, uncontrolled facility, which means you can spend more time in the air, rather than on a taxi waiting for a priority jet in front of you. I believe Raider Aviation is the best choice in your first step to learning to fly, or to gain additional flight ratings or endorsements.
Koby R.
My experience at Raider Aviation was top notch. Morgan and Sonny are some of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered and they take pride in their work and their facility. The airplanes are clean and ready to go everyday. I would recommend Raider Aviation to anyone wanting to peruse aviation as a hobby or as a career!
Mike D. CFII
The flight instructors at Raider Aviation are first class and their passion for aviation is second to none! The aircraft are well maintained and the new flight training center is incredible. My instructor is both friendly and knowledgeable and is very accommodating of my busy schedule. Whether you're looking for a career in aviation or simply picking up a new hobby, I would recommend Raider Aviation!
Jeremiah D.